Chemerys D. Industrial thermal imaging camera

The main purpose of diploma project of an educational level of bachelor, is the development of an industrial thermal imaging camera, for its use in conducting non-destructive control in the production. In the diploma project the research of existing technologies is carried out, the choice of the detector of infrared radiation is carried out, based on the conditions of use of the thermal imaging camera, the development of the optical scheme and the electrical path for the operation of the infrared radiation detector is carried out. The purpose of the diploma project is the development and calculation of parameters of the thermal imaging camera, development of principle electric circuit scheme, development of a functional scheme, and a description of the principle of the scheme. In the graphic part of the project is represented an optical scheme, an principle electric circuit diagram and an assembly drawing, as well as a functional scheme. Drawings of details of the optical scheme are developed.

Research advisor: O. Muraviov


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АСНК КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2021