presentation14:15 on January 17, 2019

the Diploma delivery ceremony will be held for graduates in 2018

in the conference room of the Academic Council (1 building).

We invite Masters, their parents and friends to the holiday!

DSC03699 1A solemn closing ceremony of the festival of innovative projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2018" was held at the Center for Culture and Arts of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on October 19, 2018. The jury of the Sikorsky Challenge startup competition and the POLYTECO Ukraine 2018-2019 competition announced winners and, together with investors, presented awards and gifts to the authors of the best projects. This year's it had been applied for 280 startup projects to the competition and 56 of them made into the final.

The startup team of the Strukturoskop EG project, which included lecturers, PhD-students and students of the department of instruments and systems of non-destructive testing, became the winner of the competition and was awarded the corresponding diploma by the International Expert Jury, and the project received support from the Fund for Scientific and Technical Development of Ukraine named by academician V. Mikhalevich.

logo polimiЗапрошуємо студентів, магістрантів та
аспірантів відвідати
лекції професора Міланської Політехніки (Італія)
Габріели Болзон,
фахівця з механіки пружних конструкції та їх структурного аналізу

Лекції будуть проходити в аудиторії 513, корпус 20 а наступним рокладом:

20 квітня 2017р. (четвер) о 10:25 - 12:00
20 квітня 2017р. (четвер) о 12:20 - 13:55
21 квітня 2017р. (п'ятниця) о 10:25 - 12:00
24 квітня 2017р. (понеділок) о 10:25 - 12:00

Телефон для довідок: 044 204 95 47

The 12th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT 2018) took place in Geteborg, Sweden, from June 11th to 15th. The conference was organized by the European Federation of Non-Destructive Testing (EFNDT) in cooperation with the Nordic NDT Societies.

The conference was opened by P. Merck (President of the Swedish Society for Non-Destructive Control (FOP), Chairman of the ECNDT), Prof. P. Trampus (President EFNDT), S. Babu (Chairman of the World Organization of NDT (ICNDT)), E. Rothenberg (Deputy Mayor of Göteborg) and others.

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