The unity of methods of technical and medical diagnostics expands the capabilities of graduates of the department, gives them the opportunity to work in IT companies, automotive and aviation industry, laboratories of enterprises, research institutes of different directions, and in medical institutes, hospitals and clinics, where modern methods of medical engineering for monitoring and diagnostics are studied and used (computer tomography, instruments for ultrasound and X-ray researches etc).

Dual education with Progresstech-Ukraine has launched in 2018

Database of enterprises - potential employers:

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applicationGermany Start-Up Company which is growingly fast looking for new team members: one Electrical Engineer and one Mechanical Engineer.

The business area is Printing and Packaging. The Company is overhauling and retrofitting machinery on site at the customers - European companies which have worldwide production facilities. The Company developed own modifications and machine parts, which are improving the costumer production line, and it has own workshop to build electrical cabinets and machine parts. A reputation of the Company is about High Technology and good solutions for complex customer requests. It is expanding to own manufacturing facility and own office building next year and will start to manufacture own developed machinery.

АСНК КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2021